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Plant Pathology

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The Department of Plant Pathology offers programs of study leading to MS and PhD degrees.

Advanced degrees may involve specialized training in the following areas of faculty expertise: host-parasite genetics, molecular biology, epidemiology, tissue culture, soil and seed-borne diseases, microbial ecology, integrated disease management and physiology of bacterial, fungal and viral diseases.

The research emphasis within the department is placed on small grains, potatoes, oilseeds, beans and prairie forestry.

Student research and academic programs are tailored to individual needs and interests. Research Assistantships are often available to support potential graduate students. Tuition is waived for students with assistantships. To be considered for research assistantships, students must apply for Graduate School.

Extension plant pathologist help growers apply research results in controlling plant diseases. They are also involved in large adult training programs.

The Plant Diagnostic Laboratory identifies plant diseases and other plant health problems for farmers and urban growers.

The Seed Health Testing Laboratory identifies seed borne pathogens.

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