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PPTH 324Introductory Plant Pathology3FallRasmussen, Secor,
Arcibal Baldwin
PPTH 454/654Diseases of Field and Forage Crops3Spring EvenRasmussen
PPTH 455/655Plant Disease Management3Spring OddMathew
PPTH 457/657Landscape Plant Pathology3Spring Odd 
PPTH 460/660Fungal Biology3Fall EvenPasche
PPTH 751Physiology of Plant Disease3Spring OddLiu
PPTH 752Plant Nematology3Fall OddYan
PPTH 754Plant Disease Epidemiology3Fall EvenDel Rio Mendoza
PPTH 757Advanced Techniques in Plant Pathology3Spring OddGill
PPTH 758Bacterial, Nematode and Viral Diseases of Plants4Fall OddLiu, Yan, Secor
PPTH 759Host-Parasite Genetics3Spring EvenZhong
PPTH 760Fungal Genetics3Fall OddBaldwin
PPTH 767Effectoromics3Fall OddEbert
PPTH 790Graduate Seminar1-3Fall, SpringRotating
PPTH 792Graduate Teaching Experience1-6Fall, Spring 
PPTH 793Individual Study/Tutorial1-5Fall, Spring 
PPTH 795Field Experience1-15Fall, Spring 
PPTH 797Master's Paper1-3Fall, Spring 
PPTH 798Master's Thesis1-10Fall, Spring 
PPTH 800Doctoral Dissertation1-15Fall, Spring 

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