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For over 40 years, the NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab has provided unbiased assistance to the general public and professionals in agriculture and horticulture to identify plant pest and disease problems. We also now have a dedicated insect diagnostician on staff. The lab has been a member of the Great Plains Diagnostic Network, a region of the National Plant Diagnostic Network, since 2002. A goal of this network is to enhance our ability to detect and diagnose high-risk plant problems more quickly. Your local county extension office or state land grant university plant pest diagnostic lab can provide assistance in solving plant problems. Local experts within your own state or county are often  better equipped to address particular questions you have, since crops, lawns, and other plants and trees around the country experience different problems.

A modest fee applies if you submit a sample for routine diagnosis to the NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab, and a surcharge is applied to out-of-state samples. The NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab also independently performs limited seed health testing and phytosanitary testing. Please click on Services in the vertical menu bar (at left) for more information.



Plant Disease Diagnosis
Seed Health Testing
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NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab

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