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North Dakota State University Food Science and Food Safety Club Participates in College Bowl

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The North Dakota State University (NDSU) Food Science and Food Safety (FSFS) Club participated in the 2022 North Central - Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Student Association (NC-IFTSA) Area Food Science College Bowl on April 9, 2022. The competition was held virtually for student chapters in the IFT North Central Area, which includes Iowa State University (ISU), Kansas State University, NDSU, South Dakota State University, the University of Guelph (Ontario), the University of Minnesota, the University of Missouri – Columbia, the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Students answered questions on food science and technology, the history of foods and food processing, food law and IFT/food-related trivia. The NDSU team included undergraduates Renae Brunner, Kaden Kerzman, Anna Mahoney, Allison Stoner, Abrielle Schnurr, and Jacob Thomsen; and graduate students Anto Charles, Aishwarya Suresh, and Nirmala Subedi. They placed third in the contest. The team from ISU won the competition and will move on to compete at the Institute of Food Technologists Food Improved by Research, Science and Technology (IFT FIRST) Annual Event and Expo on July 10-13, 2022 in Chicago. 

The goals of the NDSU FSFS Club are to “lead undergraduate and graduate students by fostering a close relationship among the food industry and students and faculty; encourage leadership, promote school activities and foster interest in cereal and food sciences, food safety and food technology professions; and get involved in community.” For more information, contact the club advisor Dr. Anuradha Vegi, Department of Plant Sciences, NDSU (701-231-6240,

The IFT is a global organization of more than 90 countries with strategic partnerships worldwide.

Eight student chapters send a regional winner to the national meeting. The eight regions are North Atlantic, Central Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, South Central, Pacific Southwest and Pacific Northwest, as well as the North Central region.

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