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North Dakota Nurturing Parenting Programs

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Nurturing Parenting Programs are family-based parenting education programs that help families establish a nurturing way of life and develop healthier, stronger relationships.  Parents and children attend together so that all family members can benefit.  Nurturing Parenting classes are sponsored by the North Dakota Department of Human Services - Children and Family Services Division and are offered at NO COST to families throughout North Dakota. Scroll down for a list of Program Locations & Registration Info.

Families participating in Nurturing Parenting classes will work to accomplish the following goals:
Families will work to increase Families will work to decrease
Self-worth Unwanted behaviors
Family bonding Negative attitudes
Trust Risk of alcohol and drug use
Open communication Stress
Problem-solving skills Anger
Empathy Violence
Personal power in children  


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Program Locations & Registration Info


Amy Tichy, Statewide NPP Coordinator
230 4th St. NW, #204
Valley City, ND  58072
Toll-free - 1-855-NURTND (1-855-687-8163)