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What are the benefits of RLND?

Employees - the program will develop your relationship skills by learning to understand yourself and others. The program is highlighted on many emerging resumes.

Employers - we will give you the tools to ensure you and your employees are successful with communication and group dynamics.

What is the schedule and cost of RLND?

The Rural Leadership North Dakota program was developed to accommodate the busy schedules of participants. Most activities occur over winter months. The 18-month program includes: 7 in-state seminars (3 to 4 days/each), a regional seminar (5 days), a national seminar (6 days) and an international seminar (10 days, plus 2 travel days). Tuition for the program is $4000.00, payable in two installments.

Who Do We Want?

We want you! We’re looking for the best and the brightest - young, old, and seeking a once in a lifetime opportunity. Rural Leadership North Dakota (RLND) is the elite leadership program in North Dakota. We’re seeking agricultural producers, individuals involved in agribusiness and other industries impacting our state.

Why Now?

It is important now, more than ever, that we band together as a state to ensure our communities have adequate leaders willing to take action. Whether you’re already in an existing leadership position, or are simply looking for personal development opportunities, our state needs leaders at all levels - city, county, state, local community groups, organizations and boards.