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Funding for the program is provided by North Dakota State University Extension, participant tuition fees, and contributions from agribusinesses, farm organizations, program alumni, and others supporting the program.  The total cost of the Rural Leadership North Dakota Program is approximately $16,000 per class member for the two-year program cycle. Contributions pay the majority of the costs and participant tuition pays the remainder. Participants pay $4,000 each in tuition.

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Ways to Give

The Rural Leadership North Dakota Program is designed to give donors the maximum amount of flexibility in how they can support the program. Support can be given in the form of monetary donations to the general fund, which are used to pay program operations costs. Contributors can also underwrite an entire seminar, or any portion of one by directly paying program expenses or making an in-kind donation which eliminates a direct expense for the program.


In-State Seminar Support Budget Item

Total Cost/Seminar

Full Seminar Underwriter




Speaker Costs (mileage/honorariums-some higher)


Reception and Banquet with Area Sponsors




Tour Transportation


Supplies & Material




General Seminar Sponsor






How Will Your contribution be handled?

Donations are solicited from individuals, partnerships, organizations, companies, corporations, institutions, and foundations. Monetary contributions to the Rural Leadership North Dakota Program are deposited in a designated account for Rural Leadership North Dakota at NDSU.

Privacy Statement

The privacy of our supporters is of the utmost importance. Donor records are held in the strictest of confidence. Only in the assistance of solicitations can council members access lists and records. Non-anonymous donor mail lists are only released to program participants or council members to extend appreciation for the gifts. The general public is not allowed access to these mail lists. Only those authorizing release shall receive individual or business name listing in recognition and promotional materials.

The RLND Council, which oversees the activity of the RLND Program, retains the authority to refuse and/or return donations which do not meet the ethical standards of the program. Receipt of funds from any given donor or group of donors, shall in no way influence the RLND Council’s selection of class members or the content or direction of the program.

Prefer to mail a check?

Please make gifts payable to RLND Program.

Send to:
Rural Leadership North Dakota Program
North Dakota State University
Attention: Katie Tyler - RLND Program Director
NDSU Dept 7390 , P. O. Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050