Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences at North Dakota State University

We are delighted you decided to visit our site. Whether you are a prospective student considering applying to NDSU, an incoming student interested in completing your degree, or a current student seeking assistance, this site will provide information about our use of innovative teaching practices and integration of research with teaching and teaching with research. You will be inspired by our students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders making positive changes in our world. NDSU students are our future scholars, educators, professionals, artists, innovators, and leaders. That means YOU!

We offer a large selection of undergraduate and graduate programs. Our outstanding faculty members are recognized nationally and internationally for their teaching, research, scholarship, and service. Through their highly collaborative work, they consistently publish in prestigious journals and secure grants and contracts to support their active research, teaching, and scholarship.

Our students work closely with the faculty in the classroom, studio, laboratory, and field and receive unmatched personal attention. We proudly offer arts, science, and mathematics integrated learning experiences (A-SMILE), including peer mentors, peer learners, learning assistants, student ambassadors, and so much more. We offer many scholarships, including our promising undergraduate research scholarships (PURS). Your success is one of our main points of pride.

The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to excellence in teaching designed to prepare students to become global citizen leaders in fields, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners. We aspire to serve as a national model for universities in integrating teaching and research and discipline-based education research for diverse students. As we do this, we mobilize institution-wide efforts that foster meaningful relationships across differences, including diverse cultural communities, identities, and competencies. The mission of the Land Grant Institution is the perfect nexus to welcome you and your ideas.

Join our community, and we will help you succeed academically and make every effort to provide you with additional training and research experiences, so you can proudly say, "I am a graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences at NDSU."

Once more, welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences!

Kimberly F. Wallin, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences


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