Math Emporium

The emporium lab, located in the basement of the NDSU Library, is open 49 hours per week for students to drop-in as their schedule permits

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The Math Emporium is a hybrid course that connects lecture, technology, and just-in-time tutoring to enhance student success in College Algebra and Trigonometry.

History of Emporiums

  • One of the first Math Emporiums started in Virginia Tech in the late 1990s.
  • Many variants of the Emporium have been introduced throughout the nation since then.
  • We modelled NDSU’s Math Emporium after the successful programs at the University of Idaho and Louisiana State University.


How it works at NDSU

  • The NDSU Math Emporium is used for College Algebra and Trigonometry (Math 103 and Math 105).
  • Each week students spend 1 hour and 15 minutes in a large lecture where material is reviewed and they turn in sheets from their guided notebooks.
  • Students also spend 2 hours in the computer lab working on: their guided notebook; quizzes, and homework.
  • Students take exams in the computer lab once they have demonstrated partial mastery of the subject matter (based on quiz scores).
  • All Emporium time is proctored by instructors, graduate TAs, and undergraduate tutors who help students as needed.
  • The emporium lab, in the basement of the NDSU Library, is open 49 hours a week for students to drop-in as their schedule permits.

Success of the Emporium

  • In 2017-2018 these two courses accounted for 23% of enrollments in Math courses.
  • We have seen reductions of nearly 20% in DFW rates in Math 103 and Math 105 since the implementation of the Math Emporium.
  • For the Emporium courses comparing success in subsequent courses we see an approximate 10% reduction of DFW rates in the subsequent course from pre-Emporium results in the same courses.

For more information please contact Mohamed Baghzali, Math Emporium Director

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