College of Arts and Sciences will embark on developing our Strategic Initiatives during fall 2023. This site will be updated but for now please see:

Strategic Initiatives Plan

The Collage of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Strategic Initiatives will be organized around the five goals of the NDSU Strategic Plan for 2021-2026:  “Our Future: Innovation, Outreach and Education”

  1. Diversity, Inclusivity, and Respect
  2. Student Success and Achievement
  3. Research and Creative Activities
  4. Education, Extension and Outreach
  5. Resource Planning and Development

Purpose of the Strategic Initiatives Plan

The CAS Strategic Initiatives Plan will be a living document, which will be reviewed and updated annually. The purpose of the plan is to guide departmental initiatives that may promote and strengthen the College and the University and to encourage and facilitate engagement and collaboration across all units of our diverse disciplines. Based on outcomes and evidence, the action items will be regularly evaluated and adjusted to best address and achieve the goals identified by faculty, staff, students, and stakeholders.

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