Research Opportunities for Engaging Students

2022-23 ROPES Brochure
World-class Research and Immersive Learning Environments

NDSU's student-focused mission drives faculty to involve students in world-class research and immersive learning environments. NDSU faculty members research a wealth of topics sure to touch on your own interests, and they are always looking to include students in the process. Students gain valuable experience and a front-row seat for the latest discoveries in their fields. If you are interested in learning the "ropes" of research for credit or as a part-time job, please contact one of the faculty members listed in the 2022-23 ROPES brochure.

“Participating in research has given me a hands-on learning and knowledge strengthening experience that I couldn’t get in the classroom alone. I have been able to obtain very valuable experience that has cemented my career interest in the coatings and polymeric materials field.” -Joseph Dahlgren, Senior in Coatings and Polymeric Materials

“I’ve had an amazing undergraduate research experience and have been able to present and educate others on my findings. It’s one thing to learn about science in the classroom,but being able to have a hands-on research experience has given me a greater appreciation for science.” -Claire Campion, Senior in Biological Sciences

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