Dr. Eric Asa

Associate Professor

Office: CIE 202G

Phone: (701) 231-7246

Email: Eric.Asa@ndsu.edu

Personal Webpage: Eric Asa: About Me (ndsu.edu)


  • Ph.D., Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta
  • Master of Engineering, Management, Colorado School of Mines
  • Master of Science, Economics, Colorado School of Mines
  • Post-Graduate Diploma, Mining Engineering, UST (TU Berlin Profs.)
  • B.S (Honors), Mining Engineering, UST (TU Berlin Profs.)

Interest Areas

Computational, Stochastic, Spatial Statistics and GIS Applications in Engineering (CS3 and GIS)

  • Stochastic characterization of wind data for optimized wind farm location
  • Spatial characterization and/or simulation of earth science data (e.g. soil data for earthwork shrinkage calculations) in transportation projects
  • Under the weather: studying the effects of climate on constructed infrastructure - precipitation, temperature and wind data characterization
  • Sustainable infrastructure and the environment
  • Modeling and simulation of construction processes and equipment. Cost Estimation and risk analysis of complex projects

Sustainable Advanced Materials (SAM)

  • Geopolymer Concrete Research - the design and chemistry of sustainable and advanced materials for infrastructure - e.g., fly-ash geopolymer concrete, glascrete (the use of glass in concrete) and others.

Engineering Education Research

  • Minorities and engineering education
  • Accreditation (ABET and ACCE)
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