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CVCN Colloquium Series 2006

Each year, the CVCN invites leading researchers in the fields of visual and cognitive neurosciences to our laboratories and the NDSU campus to meet with faculty and students to exchange ideas and information, and to give public presentations describing important new discoveries made in their own laboratories. Here is a list of 2006 speakers.

Fall 2006 Speakers

Pejman Sehatpour, Ph.D., M.D.
Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research
Orangeburg, NY
EEG analysis using BESA: Tutorial and demonstration

Mark Brady, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
North Dakota State University
Fargo, ND
Windows on perception

Mark Becker, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Lewis and Clark College
Portland, OR
Higher order factors that influence the allocation of visual attention: Meaning, emotion, and memory

John Foxe, Ph.D.
Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research
Orangeburg, NY
Multisensory interactions: early or late?

Frederick Miles, Ph.D.
Oculomotor Control Section Chief
Sensorimotor Research Labs
National Eye Institute
Bethesda, MD
Using eye movements to probe the early cortical processing of visual motion

Spring 2006 Speakers

Katie Thomas, Ph.D.
Director, Cognitive Developmental Neuroimaging Laboratory
Institute of Child Development
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
Implicit learning in childhood: Perspectives from behavioral, neuroimaging and lesion studies

Ray Klein, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia
On the nature, function, and neural implementation of inhibitory tags that facilitate foraging

John McDonald, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Simon Fraser University
British Columbia, Canada
Scalp-recorded brain activity and the research of attention and executive control