Upcoming Seminars

Dr. Anne Baranger

Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Faculty Assistant for Teaching and Learning
Professor of Chemistry, Berkeley College of Chemistry

Thursday, April 13, 2023  4: 00 pm

Sugihara 252 or  ZOOMhttps://ndsu.zoom.us/j/96820461016

Thriving in the College of Chemistry: Assessing and Improving Academic Research Culture

The Department of Chemistry at UC Berkeley has undertaken a multiyear effort to create an inclusive academic research culture. In an initiative led by graduate students a department-tailored academic climate survey has been developed, which provides quantitative evidence that forms the foundation of annual community discussions. Longitudinal assessment indicates that interventions put in place in response to this survey have succeeded in shifting the perception of the academic climate. In response to community discussions, we have created two short courses for graduate students. The first is a short course that guides graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to develop mentoring and teaching skills in the research laboratory. The second is a short course to promote discussions of the complexity of the impact of the discipline of chemistry on diverse communities and the responsibility scientists have in the discipline. The development of both short courses and assessment measures and data will be presented.

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