Curriculum Overview

Training in chemistry/biochemistry blends descriptive, conceptual, and mathematical elements in both lectures and laboratory work. While developing chemical knowledge is essential, the progressive honing of analytical abilities is equally important.

Our department offers courses carefully designed to provide a rigorous introduction to chemistry/biochemistry for our students. Additionally, we create an educational environment including modern instrumentation, seminars, colloquia, research opportunities, and informal contacts, that invigorates the learning process and provides exciting opportunities for undergraduates. 


We offer two primary Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees: one in Chemistry, which offers several specialized options, and another in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Additionally, we offer a 4+1 accelerated Bachelor of Science and Master of Science (B.S. + M.S.) degree in both Chemistry AND Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

All Chemistry and Biochemistry B.S. Degree Programs can be customized to include electives that will prepare you for careers in Chemical Engineering, Forensic Chemistry, Geochemistry, Materials Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Energy Research, Polymer Chemistry, Enzymology, Plant Biochemistry, Protein Structure, Pharmaceuticals, Drug Discovery, Biotechnology, Public Health, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dental Medicine, Environmental Work, Science Education and much more.


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