Prosper Amponsah, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Bloomed! Examining the assessment of students’ visualization skills
Erika Offerdahl, mentor

Manju Connolly, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Comparing forms of student feedback perceived by faculty in undergraduate physics courses
Warren Christensen, mentor

Danielle Freiermuth, Bethel University
Effects of phylogenetic tree style on student construction and comprehension
Jennifer Momsen and Jon Dees, mentors

Merry Gillaspie, Wartburg College
How loud is this page? The noise in, and of, representations
James Nyachwaya, mentor

Anne Kelton, Lee University
Diamond in the rough: Data mining for predictions of student performance
Erika Offerdahl and Jeff Boyer, mentors

Marci Lessman, Iowa State University
Revealing Student Knowledge of the Cell Through Student-Generated Drawings
Lisa Montplaisir, mentor

Wil Markus, Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Reasoning: Intuitive vs. Formal
Mila Kryjevskaia, mentor

Caitlin Rainey, Middle Tennessee State University
Investigating the interplay of students’ mathematics and physics thinking in Linear Algebra and Quantum Mechanics
Warren Christensen, mentor

Rachel Salter, Western Carolina University
Level up: Capturing upper-division student understanding of natural selection
Jenni Momsen and Lisa Montplaisir, mentors

Corey Stockburger, Middle Tennessee State University
Fast, slow, fast: Looking for slow
Mila Kryjevskaia, mentor

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