2023 Participant Application

Research Experience for Teachers: Civil Engineering Instruction for Secondary Education Teachers

The objective of this RET program is to enhance STEM education for middle and high school students with an emphasis on rural schools by immersing teachers in an engineering research program that focuses on a common theme in our region: mitigating natural disasters.  The goals for this NSF Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program are to (1) provide a deeper understanding of civil engineering with tangible hands-on curriculum and (2) develop better abilities for middle and high school (secondary education) teachers in North Dakota (ND) to prepare their students to become future leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

Teachers will engage in hands-on authentic research experiences in the labs of NDSU Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) faculty during the summer.  Their activities will allow them to bridge research experiences to improve content knowledge which will translate to improved secondary STEM education in their classrooms.  Over the course of the six-week summer program, teachers will also develop curricular modules and interact with local civil engineering industry while forming meaningful connections to continue to enhance STEM education in their classrooms.

Time:  6 weeks:  Asynchronous work May 1 - June 2; Synchronously June 5 - July 7, July 15

(subject to change)  

  Research in-person with social distancing ~15 hours/week
  Professional development sessions ~2 hours/week
  Individual/group work time ~15 hours/week
Stipend:  Up to $7,000 for in-service teachers
  Up to $6,450 for pre-service teachers
Materials:  $1,000 to purchase supplies needed to teach the curriculum module in their class
Conference Travel/
  $1,550 - all participants are expected to present at a conference


Online Informational Session:  February 7, 2023 4:00-4:30 pm via Zoom (Recording will be available on our website afterwards.)

Recorded Informational Session:  https://ndsu.zoom.us/rec/share/GQCXtGhREEMd_KPb9RrtTWlqnMsUbavZ5M32H-k_9NP8SMh3b-ZPj1W4yfxA3e9P.TlngcU8tqZvNk3bv 


          If you have any questions, please reach out to Sarah.Crary@ndsu.edu. 

Applications are due by March 31, 2023: 

Contact Us

Beena Ajmera, Ph.D., P.E.
Email: bajmera@iastate.edu
​​​​​​​Phone: (515) 294-2417

Sarah Crary, Ph.D.
Email: sarah.crary@ndsu.edu
Phone: (701) 231-5498

The RET Site at NDSU is supported by the National Science Foundation (Award No. 1953102).

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