‘A chance to have a real impact on campus’

If you want to be a leader for positive change, NDSU’s Student Government is a great place to start.

You’ll help provide programs for NDSU students, engage with state officials and work to pass important legislation related to higher education. Your efforts will set the stage for meaningful and lasting public service.

NDSU students elect senators each spring, vacancies are filled by appointment each fall and you could be appointed to an executive position. There also are open commissions that any student can join throughout the academic year and there’s an application process to get involved in student court.

“Student Government’s sole purpose is making a positive impact on the NDSU campus and the student body it serves. I encourage any student who has ever looked around at their environment and wished for change, to consider joining Student Government,” said former student body president Matthew Friedmann, an NDSU graduate student studying educational leadership. “You get a chance to have a real impact on campus and make a difference in the lives of your fellow students.”

According to Friedmann, you’ll learn to be a leader and a good communicator while you contribute to a team setting. You’ll also make new friends who share your goals and interests.

As a senator or commission member, you’ll work collectively to address issues and needs of all kinds. You’ll learn how the system works as you gain an understanding of the tools and mechanism to solve problems.

“We are an organization that will give you the experience and tools to tackle those challenges,” Friedmann said. “Being in Student Government gives you a deep appreciation for the role of government in our society and how it can be used to affect the kind of changes our generation holds dear. It will give you the confidence to continue this work long into the future, no matter where life takes you.”