Seasonal/Temporary/Permanent Vehicle Requests

Due to the seasonal nature of many agencies/institutions, there may be a need for temporary/seasonal assigned vehicles. Please complete the below form and State Fleet will fulfill these requests when possible.

Requests for Seasonal/Temporary/Permanent assigned vehicles can be made to State Fleet between January 1 and March 1. Requests will be processed on a first come, first served basis. There will be times when State Fleet may not be able to accommodate requests due to vehicle availability, low usage, geographical location, etc. Further, vehicles may not be readily available by a specific requested date due to many different circumstances. Agency/institutions may need to pick up the vehicle at a location other than the requested pick up location. It is the agency/institutions responsibility to pick up the vehicle where it is located and return it to the location State Fleet requires.

Vehicles MUST be well maintained and returned in good condition. If a vehicle is turned in filthy it will be professionally cleaned with the cost charged to the agency/institution. If body damage occurs an accident report must be filled out within 24 hours. Agency/user must contact the nearest shop foreman to discuss repair of the vehicle. The shop foreman and/or State Fleet will decide whether or not to repair the vehicle.

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