Faculty Senate Rules of Debate

No one is entitled to the floor a second time in debate on the same motion on the same day as long as any other member who has not spoken on this motion desires the floor. (RROO, section 3, "Obtaining and Assigning the Floor")

[In general, in] the debate, each member has the right to speak twice on the same question on the same day, but cannot make a second speech on the same question so long as any member who has not spoken on that question desires the floor. A member who has spoken twice on a particular question on the same day has exhausted his right to debate that question for that day. (RROO, section 4, "Debate on the Question")

Debate must be confined to the merits of the pending question. Speakers must address their remarks to the chair, maintain a courteous tone, and—especially in reference to any divergence of opinion-should avoid injecting a personal note into debate. To this end, they must never attack or make any allusion to the motives of members. (RROO, section 4, "Debate on the Question")

If a member commits only a slight breach of order-such as addressing another member instead of the chair in a debate, or, in a single instance, failing to confine his remarks to the merits of the pending question-the chair simply raps lightly, points out the fault, and advises the member to avoid it. The member can then continue speaking if he commits no further breaches. More formal procedures can be used in the case of serious offenses (RROO, section 61, "Breaches of Order by Members in a Meeting")

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