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Qualtrics is a convenient way to create and share forms.

Create a Form

The Qualtrics survey tool can be used as a very powerful tool for creating forms for event registration, equipment reservation, room reservation, and any other form you might need on campus. You can create sophisticated ADA compliant forms that gather the exact information you need to collect from individuals. With features like an easy to follow set up guide/checklist and automatic expert review ratings and suggestions you can efficiently and effectively create a form.

Features that will make Qualtrics forms work efficiently for you:

  • Manage and limit the number of participants for events or reservations of equipment and space. 
  • When your event reaches capacity, individuals can be redirected to a separate form that adds them to a wait list.
  • Required fields ensure you have the information you need.
  • Survey flows and branches move the individual through the form based on answers provided. 
  • An email action lets you know every time the form has been filled out.
  • Write custom survey messages upon survey completion, full quota, and/or expired forms.
  • Communicate about further details in an email to all individuals who have filled out the form.

Contact the Group Decision Center to set up a consultation about your custom form requirements and wishes.  The Group Decision Center's in-house expert can give you advice on ways to improve your form and help identify missing information fields you may need.

Qualtrics offers excellent help resources, so consider viewing their resources to learn more


Video Tutorials

Linda Charlton Gunderson, NDSU's in-house Qualtrics expert, has created a series of video tutorials to assist with some of the most common questions and to provide tips for making the best use of the Qualtrics survey software. Videos are added frequently, so check back for more tips and tricks!

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