Student Course Experience Survey

Staff in the Group Decision Center set up the NDSU official electronic Student Course Experience Surveys (SCES) (formerly SROIs). SCES are offered in each course at NDSU during the last three weeks of the class. In 2020 - 2021, the Student Rating of Instruction or SROIs (now called SCES) was reviewed and the standard questions were modified by Faculty Senate

The SCES are administered through Qualitrics in an electronic version for consistency, accuracy, ease of use, convenient distribution methods, and ability to use the raw data for further analysis. 

Each semester, OTL staff distribute more than 1,500 electronic SCES. 

For more information on interpreting and using SCES data to improve your course check out the Office of Teaching and Learning's faculty resources.




Response Rate Tips

Departments and instructors are encouraged to promote the SCES by reminding students to check their NDSU email and ask them to provide feedback.

It may help to ensure students that their responses are confidential, and explain how the results are used and ensure them their voice matters. The Office of Teaching and Learning will also help through campus-wide promotions and incentives. 


Collecting Additional Information

Although additional items are no longer able to be added to the SCES, there are several ways for instructors to collect additional, useful information from their students. In addition to open class time discussions, set up a Qualitrics questionaire, or use the survey tool in Blackboard. 


Qualtrics login and information link





Standard NDSU SCES Questions

The following Likert scale questions are used on all NDSU Student Course Evaluation surveys. Students are asked to rate each of these items on a 5-point scale. The Group Decision Center automatically adds these questions to SCES.  

1. This instructor provided well-defined course objectives. 

2. This instructor provided content and materials that were clear and organized. 

3. I understand how my grades were assigned in this course

4. I met or exceeded the course objectives given for this course. 

5. The instructor was available to assist students outside of class. 

6. The instructor provided feedback to me in a timely manner. 

7. The instructor provided feedback that helped me learn. 

8. The instructor set and maintained high standards that students must meet. 

9. The physical environment was conducive to learning. 

The Student Course Experience Survey serves several important functions at NDSU. Instructors use these data to improve course design, adjust their teaching strategies, and document their teaching effectiveness. As you complete this survey, you will be prompted to reflect on several aspects of your learning experience. We encourage you to provide comments on what was most helpful for you as a learner and what the instructor could do to strengthen the course in the future. 



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