A robust survey tool featuring survey building, reporting, distribution, data organization, and survey analysis.

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View a sample survey designed by the Group Decision Center staff.

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Learn about Qualtrics Research Core product and planning a survey project from configuring your project to reporting your data and everything in between.

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View step-by-step tutorials with screen shots on how to use the basic and advanced features in Qualtrics.

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Qualtrics is a gold-standard data collection and analysis software that is widely used at over 1,300 major universities and by more than half of Fortune 100 businesses. Qualtrics offers robust features in survey building, reporting, distribution, data organization and survey analysis. 

Setting up a Qualtrics account is FREE to all NDSU staff, faculty, and students. Group Decision Center staff are trained, expert-level survey designers who can assist you by reviewing your survey, making suggestions for improvements, and demonstrating features that enhance the functionality of your survey.  All surveys must be set-up exclusively by each individual researcher.

Group Decision Center staff set up more than 4,000 surveys per year. Most of those surveys are the official electronic Student Course Experience Surveys. However, a portion of staff time is dedicated to assisting individuals with assessing the quality of their survey set-up. 

There are many ways in which Qualtrics can be used at NDSU. How do you use Qualtrics?



Ways to use Qualtrics

Student Course Experience Surveys

Faculty and departments interested in having the Group Decision Center set up their SCEs should make arrangements with the Group Decision Center at the beginning of each semester.

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Research Surveys

Qualtrics online surveys make it easy for you to collect data from a small or large group of people.

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Qualtrics is a powerful tool for creating event registration, equipment reservation, room reservation, and many other forms you might need on campus.

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Some of the many features of Qualtrics include:

  • Wizards with point and click interface to build surveys quickly.
  • Library of surveys and questions to customize.
  • Personal library to save survey questions, graphics, files, and messages.
  • Powerful survey mailer to track, remind, and thank respondents.
  • Piped text and embed data to personalize surveys.
  • Branching and conditions (logics) to direct survey takers through relevant parts of the survey.
  • Integrated graphics and statistical tools.
  • Ability to export data into Excel, SPSS, PDF, PowerPoint, or Word.
  • Collaborate and share surveys among users.
  • Permission options to edit, view reports, activate/deactivate, and/or distribute surveys.




Terms of Use

By using your NDSU Qualtrics account, you agree to the following policies:


Confidentiality Statement

All surveys are the property of the survey owners. To request survey data, please contact the survey owner directly.


ADA Compliance

The Qualtrics survey platform is now certified by WebAIM.org, a third-party authority in web accessibility. This is important for any commercial, academic, and federal organization whose survey takers may have hearing, vision, motor, or cognitive disabilities. Qualtrics is now the only leading survey platform that is WCAG AA certified.

At NDSU, all question types in Qualtrics not in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act are turned off. View all non-compliant (inaccessible) questions, find out why they are inaccessible and alternative question types to use. We strongly encourage all individuals using Qualtrics to design their survey using universal design principles, regardless of what survey software you use, by ensuring only fully accessible question types are used. Using Qualtrics for your forms and surveys ensures the question types you choose are accessible. More information about alternative options to inaccessible questions is provided in the list of non-compliant questions in the link above.

Benefits of Universally Accessible Surveys:

When you use fully accessible question types you ensure all individuals are able to take your survey which increases the diversity of respondents, your time is used more efficiently with fewer accommodation requests, and responses are more efficient because respondents can choose the adaptive software they prefer. 

Requesting a Non-Compliant Survey Question Type:

Requests for the use of a non-compliant or inaccessible question type are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. All requests must be made through the  Group Decision Center and must have an alternate format for individuals who need accommodations.



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