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All NDSU faculty, staff, and students are eligible to use Qualtrics and our facilitated meeting service for FREE.

Group Decision Center

Whether you are a manager of a team with communication issues, a board of directors working on a strategic plan, an organization exploring a hot-topic, or an NDSU student or faculty pursuing research, the Group Decision Center (GDC) can help you save time and money.

MeetingSphere Facilitated Meetings
Using technology, MeetingSphere software, and skilled facilitators, we provide group facilitation services to assist in focus groups, strategic planning, problem solving, decision-making, and consensus building. We assist you in the planning, testing, and facilitation of your next meeting, leaving you with a complete report by the end of the day.

Gather information quickly and easily from employees, members, or customers using our online survey software, Qualtrics. Our online surveys make it easy for you to collect data from a small or large group of people. Participants complete the survey electronically on their own time and demographics are easily identified through generated reports. Our versatile features allow you to direct participants to answer only applicable questions and to prompt participants if a question is skipped or answered incorrectly. The results are instantly added to group data and reports are generated automatically to include a wide range of statistics, charts, and graphs that can be customized. Data can also be exported for further analysis based on your needs.

Access to these services is FREE to NDSU faculty, staff, and students and competitively priced for area businesses and organizations. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can help make your meeting or survey more efficient and effective. 



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Create a better bar chart for Matrix type questions by clicking on your chart in the Reports tab, select "stack bar". Under the options select "show labels" and "transpose". 

Quickly and easily turn your inaccessible matrix questions into user-friendly side-by-side questions.

Welcome to Fall Semester 2019! We are excited to have you on campus. Don't forget that the Office of Teaching and Learning's Group Decision Center offers a FREE Qualtrics account to all faculty,...

View mean, standard deviation, or variance data using the reports tab. Find the question you need this information for, then click "Add Visualization". Click the visualization option labeled...

Understand common sampling errors so you can avoid them. Read more >>

Create quizzes or tests that give respondents a final score. The scoring option allows you to attach points to questions answered. Learn how >> 

You want your survey respondents to engage with your survey, not get annoyed and close it down early. Here are six ways you can increase survey response by not annoying your respondents. Read more >> 

Auto numbering your surveys will renumber questions in your survey so they correspond to the order in which your survey takers will see them. This is vital to ensure survey data is in the correct...

How long your survey is active will depend on your recruiting method but here are some general tips to help you determine how long to leave your survey in field. Continue reading >>

Spending a little time preplanning your survey will save a lot of time when creating your survey. Understanding the basic features of Qualtrics will give you a better idea of how you can structure...

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