Design a Research Survey

Offers information and best practices for creating research surveys.

Design a Research Survey

Qualtrics online surveys make it easy for you to collect data from a small or large group of people. Gather information quickly and easily from employees, members, or customers using an online survey. 

NDSU faculty, staff, and students may use Qualtrics to build surveys and gather information on:

  • Behavior: Inquire about the past, present, or intended behaviors.
  • Demographic characteristics: Research a wide variety of classification data, such as the participant’s age, sex, income, and occupation.
  • Level of knowledge: Measure the knowledge base of a group.
  • Attitudes and opinions: Conduct opinion polls on various topics relating to the community, customers, board of directors, stakeholders, or employees.
  • General information and research: Conduct timely and in-depth research on a wide variety of topics. Gain data quickly and easily, without manually entering and tabulating results.

Participants complete surveys electronically on their own time and demographics are easily identified through generated reports. The versatile features allow you to direct participants to answer only applicable questions and to prompt participants if a question is skipped or answered in an incorrect format. The results are instantly added to group data and reports are generated automatically to include a wide range of statistics, charts, and graphs that can be customized. Data can be exported for further analysis based on your needs (Note: Additional charges may apply for customization).




IRB Approval

All NDSU researchers seeking to send out a research survey must seek Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. Learn more >>



Citing or Referencing Qualtrics in Research

Because Qualtrics is such a vital part of research, it is common to cite Qualtrics within a research project or paper. View Qualtrics' citation and reference guidelines.




Collaboration on Qualtrics surveys among individuals at NDSU is encouraged. Before you begin collaborating with another individual, be sure they have registered for a Qualtrics account through NDSU. Remember to transfer ownership of all Qualtrics surveys from any faculty, staff, or student leaving NDSU. Survey information will be lost upon deactivation of the accounts for individuals leaving NDSU. To request a survey transfer, email Linda Charlton Gunderson.

There are many ways to get assistance with designing your Qualtrics surveys. GDC staff in-house experts want to ensure your survey is making use of all the basic and advanced features offered through the Qualtrics software. Many of these features can increase the efficiency of your surveys for both you and the survey respondent. 

Our in-house expert is happy to review your survey, make suggestions for improvements, and demonstrate features that will enhance the functionality of your survey. 

GDC staff are unable to set up surveys on behalf of individuals or groups who request it due to the large volume of Student Course Experience Surveys our in-house expert sets up each semester (more than 1,500 surveys per semester). 

View our tips page for ways to make producing Qualtrics surveys more efficient and effective.  



ADA Compliance

Researchers at NDSU are responsible for ensuring their surveys are ADA compliant. Learn more >>



Video Tutorials

Linda Charlton Gunderson, NDSU's in-house Qualtrics expert, has created a series of video tutorials to assist with some of the most common questions and to provide tips for making the best use of the Qualtrics survey software. Videos are added frequently, so check back for more tips and tricks!

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