PeopleSoft Finance Upgrade

PeopleSoft Finance Upgrade expected Monday, May 18.

An upgrade to PeopleSoft Finance is tentatively scheduled for a go-live date of Monday, May 18. CTS (Core Technology Services) is planning to take the Financials production server down at noon, Friday, May 15, and bring it back up with the upgraded software prior to business hours Monday, May 18. 

Do you need to do anything to prepare for this change?

Yes.  No later than Monday, May 11, CTS will be sending affected users a list of pages upon which they have made personalizations.  They will indicate the pages having personalizations which will carry over in the upgrade, and also the pages for which personalizations will not carry over.  You’ll be given specific directions on how to do that task, and how to rebuild them on May 18.   You’ll have to make those copies prior to noon, Friday, May 15. 

What do you need to be aware of on Monday, May 18?

1.     Ensure you are using browsers certified by Oracle for use with PeopleSoft 9.2 versions:

  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Safari 5, 6 and 7
  • Chrome 24 and higher
  • Firefox 17 and higher

If you are experience browser related issues (e.g. you can’t see something the person sitting next to you can who has the same security), and you’re using Internet Explorer as your browser, first try by checking for compatibility by following these helpdesk tips:

3.     If you are using a browser listed above other than IE 10 and you are still experiencing browser issues, contact your campus desktop support personnel.

4.     If you can’t get a link within PeopleSoft to open, check to ensure your pop-up blocker is off for PeopleSoft.

If you received an email about personalizations which won’t carry over, you’ll now need to rebuild those in the new 9.2 environment.

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