James Deal, PhD


Phone 701-231-7568 

Deal CV
Developmental Science Program


Doctor of Philosophy, Child & Family Development and Minor in Social Psychology, 1987
University of Georgia
Athens, GA

Master of Science, Child & Family Development, 1984
University of Georgia
Athens, GA

Bachelor of Science, Sociology, 1982
Georgia Southern College
Statesboro, GA
(Magna Cum Laude)

Other Training

2021, Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®)
2018, Certificate in Financial Planning, University of Georgia
2012, Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics, Pennsylvania State University

Core Area

Child Development 

Research Interests

Identity development in emerging adulthood, particularly in the areas of religion, the transition to college, first generation and/or low income students, and issues related to financial support.

Selected Publications

Deal, J.E. (2019). Normativity and desirability in observational assessments of family interaction. Family Process, 58, 749 - 760.

Tackett, J. L., Slobodskaya, H., Mar, R. A., Deal, J., Halverson, Jr., C. F., Baker, S. R., Pavlopoulos, V., & Besevegis, E. (2012). The hierarchical structure of childhood personality in five countries: Continuity from early childhood to early adolescence. Journal of Personality, 80, 847 – 879.

Deal, J.E., Halverson, C.F., Martin, R., Victor, J. & Baker, S.  (2007). The Inventory of Children’s Individual Differences: Development and validation of a short version. Journal of Personality Assessment, 89, 162 – 166.

Deal, J.E., Halverson, C.F., Havill, V., & Martin, R.  (2005). Temperament factors as longitudinal predictors of young adult personality. Merrill Palmer Quarterly, 51, 315 – 334.

Halverson, C.F., Havill, V., Deal, J.E., Baker, S., Victor, J., Pavlopoulos, V., Besevegis, E., & Wen, L.  (2003). Personality structure as derived from parental ratings of free descriptions of children:  The Inventory of Child Individual Differences.  Journal of Personality, 71, 995 - 1026. 

Deal, J.E., Stanley Hagan, M., Bass, B., Hetherington, M., & Clingempeel, G.  Marital Interaction in dyadic and triadic contexts: continuities and discontinuities.  (1999). Family Process, 38, 105 - 115.

Deal, J.E., & Anderson, E.R.  (1995). Reporting and interpreting results in family research. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 57, 1040 - 1048.

Deal, J.E., Wampler, K.S., & Halverson, C.F.  (1992). The importance of similarity in the marital relationship.  Family Process, 31, 369 - 382.

Hetherington, E., Clingempeel, G., in collaboration with Anderson, A., Deal, J., Hagan, M., Hollier, A., & Lindner, M. (Eds.).  (1992). Coping With Marital Transitions: A Family Systems Perspective.  Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, 57 (2-3, serial no. 227).

Deal, J.E., Halverson, C.F., & Wampler, K.S.  (1989). Parental agreement on child-rearing orientations:  Relations to parental, marital, family, and child characteristics. Child Development, 60, 1025-1034.



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