Margaret Fitzgerald, PhD


Phone 701.231.9792




Doctor of Philosophy in Human Development & Family Science, minor in Economics
Iowa State University
Ames, IA

Master of Science in Family Resources and Human Development, minor in Economics
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ

Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Family Relations with honors
North Dakota State University
Fargo, ND

Core Areas

  • Financial Planning and Public Policy
  • Family Science

Research Interests

Family Owned Businesses--copreneurial couples, women and minority owned businesses, the interface between the business, family and community, and managerial adjustment strategies.

Selected Presentations

Fitzgerald, M. A., Lee, Y. G., Marshall, M. I., Wiatt, R., Cheang, M., & Mukembo, S. (forthcoming). Copreneurs and Their Use of Adjustment Strategies: A Comparison to Other Forms of Family Businesses. Work and Family Researchers Network Conference, Montreal, Canada, June, 2024.

Marshall, M. I., Wiatt, R., Lee, Y. G., Fitzgerald, M. A., Cheang, M., & Mukembo, S. (forthcoming). Mixing Business and Pleasure—Socioemotional Wealth and Income Levels Among Copreneurs and Business-Owning Couples. Work and Family Researchers Network Conference, Montreal, Canada, June, 2024.

Marshall, M. I., Fitzgerald, M., Lee, Y. G., Wiatt, R., Cheang, M., Mukembo, S. Socioemotional Wealth Among Business Owning Couples. United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Annual Conference, Birmingham, AL, January, 2024.

Selected Publications

Lee, Y., Fitzgerald, M., & Bartkus, K. (2017). Adjustment strategy use in minority family businesses: Differences across gender. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 36(4), 1-17. DOI 10.1007/s10834-015-9478-8

Fitzgerald, M. A., Haynes, G. W., Schrank, H., & Danes, S. (2010).  Socially responsible processes of small family business owners:  Exploratory evidence from the National Family Business Survey.  Journal of Small Business Management, 48(4), 524-551.

Muske, G. & Fitzgerald, M. A.  (2006). A panel study of copreneurs in business:  Who enters, continues and exits?  Family Business Review, XIX(3), 193-205.

Fitzgerald, M. A., & Muske, G.  (2002). Copreneurs:  An exploration and comparison to other family businesses.  Family Business Review, XV(1), 1-16.

Fitzgerald, M. A., Winter, M., Miller, N., & Paul, J.  (2001). Adjustment strategies in the family business:  Implications of gender and management role.  Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 22(3), 265-291.

Winter, M., Fitzgerald, M.A., Heck, R.K.Z., Haynes, G., & Danes, S.M. (1998).  Revisiting the study of family businesses:  Methodological challenges, dilemmas, and alternative approaches.  Family Business Review, XI (37), 239-252.


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