Ph.D. in DS - Career Options

100% of our students have successfully secured jobs upon graduation!

Our recent graduates took positions as ....

  • Assistant Professor Counseling & Psychology in Education
  • Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, University of Minnesota, Duluth
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology, College of St Benedict/St John's University
  • Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Sacred Heart University
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology at Graceland University
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology at St. Cloud State University
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Warner Pacific
  • Quality and Evaluation Coordinator, YMCA Metro Chicago
  • Cass County Extension Services in Fargo
  • Assistant Professor at National University
Possible Career Paths using your Developmental Science Ph.D.

Follow Your Passion

NDSU’s doctoral program in developmental science allows you to expand on the interests established during your bachelor’s or master’s program in human development and family science, psychology or a similar degree. Prepare for a range of career opportunities to create positive change for children, adolescents, and adults in your community and the world. While many students pursue careers in academia, others find their passions are best met in work with non-profit, government or private organizations.  Below are some career areas where you can use your NDSU Developmental Science Ph.D:

  • Academia – Be well prepared for research and teaching faculty positions in human development, psychology and similar departments at major universities; teaching positions at community and liberal arts colleges; or university administration in areas such as student services.
  • Global public health – Research and implement culturally appropriate ways of introducing health-promoting interventions. Find regional, national and global opportunities with government, private and non-profit organizations to design interventions and delivery of systems that promote wellbeing. Global public health organizations include World Health Organization and UNICEF.
  • Education systems – Design programs and interventions to promote academic achievement and improve relationships at all levels in the academic community. For instance, learn more about social emotional learning to address bulling and violence at the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning.
  • Human services – Work in government, public agencies or global non-governmental organizations to directly address, or develop grants for, issues such as child maltreatment, parent training, poverty, hunger, racial equity and education. Human service organizations include the Gates Foundation and the Kellogg Foundation.
  • Health systems – Promote well-being at all ages by working in health settings or community coalitions on challenges such as drug abuse prevention and aging in place.
  • Outreach and advocacy - Apply your developmental knowledge to pursue a career in outreach to advocate for practices and policies that promote positive development. Organizations such as AARP or the United Way serve an important role in advocating for humans across the lifespan.
  • Writing and publishing – Careers in writing and publishing allow you to create assessments for mental health, personality, placements or education; write guides to promote positive student development; or work in textbook and academic publishing.
  • Business and corporate – Apply your developmental and research knowledge to business opportunities in statistics, research, product development, marketing, consulting or director positions are all a good match for a doctorate in developmental science.
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