RN to BSN Curriculum

The blended-learning RN to BSN program consists of the following classes in the curricular sequence shown below.

Each class is eight-weeks in length. You will only take one nursing class at a time. The curricular sequence is scheduled in such a way that you can focus on one class at a time but are also able to continue working full time while in the program.

Dependent on your academic history, additional courses may be needed.

Your academic advisor will help you determine which course(s) you may need to fulfill your BSN degree.

First Year

Fall Semester - First Year

NURS 326 NDSU RN-BSN Immersion, 1 credit
NURS 356 The Essence of Nursing, 3 credits
NURS 420 Evidence Based Practice and Research in Nursing, 3 Credits

Total of 7 credits for fall semester, first year


Summer Semester - First Year

NURS 366 Quality and Safety in Health Care, 3 credits

Total of 3 credits for summer semester, first year

Spring Semester - First Year

NURS 346 NDSU RN-BSN Immersion II, 1 credit
NURS 386 Chronicity Throughout the Lifespan I, 3 credits
NURS 388 Chronicity Throughout the Lifespon II, 3 credits

Total of 7 credits for spring semester, first year

Second Year

 Fall Semester - Second Year

NURS 426 NDSU RN-BSN Immersion III, 1 credit
NURS 436 Transcultural Nursing Care, 3 credits
NURS 446 Population Focused Nursing Care, 3 credits
NURS 446L Population Focused Nursing Care (Clinical Component), 1 credit

Total of 8 credits fall semester, second year

Spring Semester - Second Year

NURS 456 NDSU RN-BSN Immersion IV, 1 credit
NURS 462 Leadership, 3 credits
NURS 462L Leadership (Clinical Component), 1 credit
NURS 478 BSN Capstone, 3 credits

Total of 8 credits for spring semester, second year

​Additional Courses
  • Approximate transfer credits (60 credits)
  • Demonstrated competency upper-level credits, awarded upon competition of the first semester in the RN to BSN program. (25 credits for students with an Associate of Science. 18 credits for students with an Associate of Applied Science.)
  • Upper-level English course (ENGL 324 or 325, 3 credits)
  • Electives (11 credits). Additional electives are dependent on previous academic history and transcript evaluation. 
Notes About Credits
  • Lower division general education courses will be satisfied if the student has earned an A.A. or A.S. degree from a regionally accredited institution 
  • Transcripts will be evaluated on an individual basis.
  • At least 60 of your total degree credits must be earned from a 4-year institution.
Total credits required for degree: 120
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