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Pre-Registration Steps

First-Year students must complete the following steps before registering for classes. 

  1. Complete the Get To Know You Student Survey
    Provide information that will help an Academic Advisor prepare an individualized class schedule for you. Time needed is approximately 10 minutes.  To access the survey, students must have their N.D. University System username and seven-digit EMPLID. 
  2. Take the NDSU Math Placement Test
    All new students are required to complete this test even if you plan to transfer math credit to NDSU.  The placement scores and any credits that appear on your official transcripts will be considered to determine placement.  NDSU will always accept your highest placement from either source.  Maximum time allowed is 75 minutes. Students will utilize their N.D. University System account to access the math placement test.
  3. Complete the NDSU English Placement Survey
    All new students should complete this survey to provide a full picture of your preparation for college-level writing, reading, and research.  There are no "wrong" answers.  Time needed is 10-20 minutes.  Students will utlize their NDSU electronic ID to access the English placement survey.

Upon completion of step #1 above, you will receive an email from the Office of Admission confirming your intent to attend NDSU if you have not already committed. Upon completion of all three steps above, an Academic Advisor will make individualized class recommendations for you.  Instructions for viewing the recommendations and registering for classes will be emailed to you based on the following timeline.

Completion of Pre-Registration StepsClass Registration Instructions Sent
May 16June 2
May 31

June 15

June 14June 30
July 5July 15
July 19July 29
August 2August 12

Students admitted prior to June 30 should complete the pre-registration steps by July 5th


Other Action Steps

  • In addition to the steps above, be sure to complete the Orientation modules before class registration.  The modules will provide the information you need about academics, finances, campus resources, and health and safety at NDSU.   Access the Orientation modules by logging into Blackboard with your North Dakota System Account.  Click on Courses and then Online Orientation. 
  • Make an Orientation reservation.  
  • Complete items on the new student checklist.


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