Checklist for New Students

There are several actions to take to prepare for your transition to NDSU.  The following checklist will guide you through each step from admission to the start of your first semester here.

Admitted Student Checklist

Be sure to complete the steps outlined in the admitted student checklist. Many of these steps will assist you in completing the following tasks.

Prepare for Class Registration

  • Complete the You Belong Here online orientation
    You Belong Here provides foundational information about student life, finances, academics, and more.  Completion is estimated to take one hour, and you may stop and return as often as you wish.  You must submit the completion survey at the end of You Belong Here.
  • Complete the math placement survey
    The math placement survey determines which math class you may enroll in.  Completion is estimated to take two minutes.
  • Complete the English placement survey
    The English placement survey determines which English class you may enroll in.  Completion is estimated to take ten minutes
  • Send your final documents to NDSU
    • All first-year students must have their high school send an official transcript including all final grades and graduation date to the NDSU Office of Admission. Official college transcripts must also be sent directly from the college or university to NDSU. This includes PSEO, Dual Credit, or College in the Schools (CIS) credits attempted during high school.  High schools cannot report college credits.
    • All transfer students must have their college(s) send official final transcripts to the NDSU Office of Admission. 
  • Schedule a class registration appointment with an academic advisor
    Two business days after you complete the first three tasks above you will receive an email invitation to schedule a class registration appointment with an academic advisor and to make an Orientation reservation.
  • Check Campus Connection for holds or to-do items
    Some holds may prevent you from registering for classes, so it's best to check and complete any necessary tasks.

Prepare for On-Campus Orientation

Complete the following tasks before you attend an on-campus Orientation. 

  • Make an Orientation reservation
    Two business days after you complete the You Belong Here online orientation, math placement survey, and English placement survey you will receive an email invitation to reserve your Orientation date.  First-year students are required and transfer students are recommended to attend an Orientation.  Students completing their entire degree online are invited, but not required, to attend Orientation.
  • Update Your Email Address and Check It Regularly
    If you listed your high school email address on your NDSU application, please update it by contacting because most high schools will discontinue the email account after graduation.  We encourage you to change it to your NDSU email account because it is the official means of communication at NDSU.  Check your NDSU email account regularly so you don't miss important information.  
  • Upload a Photo for Your NDSU ID Card
    Bring a government issued ID to Orientation, such as a driver's license, passport, military or tribal ID.  Proof of identify is needed before you may receive your NDSU ID card.
  • Update Your Preferred First Name
    Your legal name will be printed on your Orientation nametag unless you previously provided a preferred first name on your NDSU application.  

Steps to Complete After Class Registration

Complete the following tasks after you have registered for your first semester classes.

  • Order Course Materials
    Faculty inform the NDSU Bookstore which course materials they will use in their courses and the bookstore provides this information to students. Orders for spring semester begin December 1st, orders for summer semester begin May 1st and on August 1st for fall semester.
  • Contact the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources
    Staff will answer your questions about accommodations at NDSU.   You can also find an application for accommodations on the website.
  • Contact the NDSU Military and Veterans Certification Office
    If you intend to use the GI Bill educational benefits, you will want to know the steps needed. 
  • Complete Steps in the Financial Aid Guide
    Check out all steps to receiving aid and frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions about your financial aid, please contact the NDSU Office of Admission at 1-800-488-NDSU or
  • Set Up an Authorized Payer
    If someone else will make payments to your student account, you will need to grant them authorized payer access. An authorized payer may make student account payments but does not have access to FERPA protected information. 
  • Consider Completing a FERPA Release Form
    If you would like to allow anyone to contact NDSU to discuss your financial and/or academic information, you will need to complete a FERPA release form
  • Search for A Job
    Looking for a job? Search and apply for on-campus and off-campus employment on Handshake.
  • Purchase a Parking Permit 
    You must be registered for classes at least 24 hours to be eligible to purchase a parking permit.  Summer permits may be purchased online starting May 15 and fall permits starting July 15.  

Prepare for a Successful Transition

Complete the following tasks prior to arriving for your first semester.

  • Log Into the Wellness Center Portal and Sign the Waiver
    The Wellness Center has many ways for you to maintain well-being. All users must sign the waiver before utilizing the Wellness Center.  Use your Bison Login to access the portal.
  • Check Out Involvement Opportunities
    Explore a great variety of student organizations as well as campus events on myNDSU. Use your Bison Login to access myNDSU.
  • Explore Degree Map
    Degree Map is a tool that allows you to compare majors, explore careers, and track your degree progress. 
  • Bring Employment Documentation
    If you will have a job on- or off-campus, you will need to bring documentation as proof of identification when you complete a Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) prior to starting the job. The documentation must be originals, not photocopies or photos of the documents. 
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