HB 1003 - 68th Legislative Assembly (2023-25)

2023 - 2025 Legislative Session

House Bill 1003 

Introduced by  House Appropriations

A BILL for an Act to provide an appropriation for defraying the expenses of the North Dakota university system; to create and enact five new sections to chapter 15-10 and section 15-18.2-06.1 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to a report on higher education trends, funding of severance agreements, academic program approval, disclosure of financial condition, and a minimum amount payable; to amend and reenact sections 15-10-38.1, 15-10-38.2, 15-10-38.3, subdivision c of subsection 1 of section 15-10-48, subdivision c of subsection 1 of section 15-10-49, subsection 2 of section 15-10-49, sections 15-10-57 and 15-10-63, subdivision k of subsection 1 of section 15-18.2-02, subsection 1 of section 15-18.2-05, section 15-54.1-02, subsection 1 of section 15-62.4-03, subdivision c of subsection 2 of section 54-07-12, and section 54-44.1-11 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to the skilled workforce student loan repayment program, the skilled workforce scholarship program, matching grants for the advancement of academics, the workforce development council, higher education capital projects, state aid for institutions of higher education, the university system capital building fund, student financial assistance grants, the digitization of documents relating to Theodore Roosevelt, and the cancellation of unexpended appropriations; to repeal sections 15-10-48.1, 15-10-53, and 15-10-58 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to matching grants for legal education, the definition of the advancement of academics, and the workforce education advisory council; to provide for a transfer; to provide for a pilot program; to provide for a report; to provide an exemption; to provide legislative intent; and to declare an emergency.

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