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Chlorochroa Stål, 1872

Lioderma Uhler, 1871: 97. (junior homonym of Lioderma Marseul, 1857, Coleoptera, and Lioderma Bronn, 1860, insertae sedis)

Lioderma (Chlorochroa) Stål, 1872: 33.

Lioderma (Rhytidolomia) Stål, 1872: 33. (still recognized as a valid subgenus)

Chlorochroa: Distant, 1880: 63-64.

Pitedia Reuter, 1888: 494. (syn. by Thomas, 1983)

Liodermion Kirkaldy, 1904: 280. (unnecessary new name for Lioderma Uhler, 1871)

Type species: Lioderma: Pentatoma saucia Say, 1832, by subsequent designation (Kirkaldy, 1909). Chlorochroa: Pentatoma ligata Say, 1831, by subsequent designation (Kirkaldy, 1909).  Rhytidolomia: Pentatoma senilis Say, 1831, by subsequent designation (Kirkaldy, 1909).  Pitedia: Cimex juniperinus Linnaeus, 1758, by monotypy.

Comments: Three Old World species (juniperina, pinicola, & reuteriana).  The New World species fall into two subgenera.  Buxton, Thomas, & Froeschner (1983) reviewed the sayi species group of the nominate subgenus; Thomas (1983) reviewed the remaining species in the nominate genus and the subgenus Rhytidolomia.  Scudder & Thomas (1987) reviewed the Canadian species.

Included Species:
    Subgenus Chlorochroa:
(Kuschakewitch, 1870) - nomen dubium
Thomas, 1983
        congrua Uhler, 1876
        granulosa (Uhler, 1872)
        juniperina juniperina (Linnaeus, 1758)
        juniperina orientalis Kerzhner, 1981
        kanei Buxton & Thomas, 1983
        ligata (Say, 1831)
        lineata Thomas, 1983
        norlandorum Buxton & Thomas, 1983
        opuntiae Esselbaugh, 1947
        persimilis (Horváth, 1908)
        pinicola (Mulsant & Rey, 1852)
        reuteriana Kirkaldy, 1909
        rossiana Buxton & Thomas, 1983
        sayi (Stål, 1872) [image]
        uhleri (Stål, 1872)
    Subgenus Rhytidolomia:
        belfragii (Stål, 1872)
        dismalia Thomas, 1983
        faceta (Say, 1825)
        osborni (Van Duzee, 1904)
        rita (Vand Duzee, 1934)
        saucia (Say, 1831)
        senilis (Say, 1831)
        viridicata (Walker, 1867)


Buxton, G. M., D. B. Thomas, and R. C. Froeschner. 1983. Revision of the species of the sayi-group of Chlorochroa Stal (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae). Occasional Papers in Entomology (Sacramento, Calif.) 29: 23 pp.

Scudder, G. G. E. and D. B. Thomas, Jr. 1987. The green stink bug genus Chlorochroa StDl (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in Canada. Canadian Entomologist 119(1):83-93.

Thomas, D. B., Jr. 1983. Taxonomic status of the genera Chlorochroa StDl, Rhytidilomia StDl, Liodermion Kirkaldy, and Pitedia Reuter, and their included species (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae). Annals of the Entomological Society of America 76(2):215-224.


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