Page Klug
USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services, National Wildlife Research Center

I am a research wildlife biologist and field station leader with the USDA-APHIS Wildlife Services, National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC). The NWRC North Dakota Field Station is housed within the Department of Biological Sciences at North Dakota State University where I am Adjunct Faculty. The focus of the North Dakota Field Station is to conduct research and develop nonlethal tools and methods to reduce avian damage to agriculture while conserving native species. My main focus is managing the conflict between sunflower producers and blackbirds (Icteridae). My research includes baseline avian biology and behavior in agroecosystems to inform control tool development that spans agricultural practices (crop varieties, planting dates), habitat modification (cattail management), frightening devices (drones, propane cannons), repellents (nonlethal chemicals), and their deployment at the landscape scale. The results of my research are directly transferred to USDA Wildlife Services Operations, agricultural producers, and other stakeholders.

Birds and Agriculture

Project: Wildlife (Bird) Damage Management in Agroecosystems


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