Faculty in Residence Program

The Faculty in Residence Program provides a unique opportunity for faculty to interact in casual settings within students living in the residence halls. These interactions provide learning and growing opportunities for students and faculty.

The Faculty in Residence Program fosters the exchange of ideas, intellectual development, personal connections and shared experiences. Faculty have the opportunity to participate in various events in the hall community, act as mentors and role models, assist students in accomplishing learning outcomes, and become a cherished part of the community.

“Sharing my experience and knowledge has been a highlight of my time as NDSU's faculty in residence. But the amount of my own learning from students is something I didn’t expect.” Justin Wageman, School of Education, past Faculty in Residence

Communities with a Faculty in Residence: 
  • Mathew Living Learning Center
  • Cater Hall
Current Faculty in Residence:

Ethan Boldt
Assistant Professor, NDSU Department of Political Science and Public Policy
2019/2020 Faculty in Residence - Cater Hall

"As an incoming faculty member, I see this as an opportunity to be a friend to the students of NDSU and promote student success beyond the classroom. I have fond memories of my time in on-campus living during my undergraduate years and am hoping to pay them forward!" Ethan Boldt


Former Faculty in Residence

2019-2020          Dr. Ryan Kota, Assistant Professor, Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Sciences 
2018                   Dr. Gina Aalgaard Kelly, Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
2015-2018          Dr. Justin Wageman, Associate Professor, School of Education
2012-2015          Dr. Warren Christensen, Assistant Professor, Physics
2010-2012          Dr. Amy Ganguli, Assistant Professor, Range Science
2008-2010          Drs. Andrew and Miriam Mara, Associate Professors, English

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