Residence Life

NDSU Residence Life provides more than a bed, we provide a place to grow, learn, connect, explore and make an impact. You can create the experience you want. What will your Residence Life experience be?


From state-of-the-art residence halls to modern apartment living, Residence Life provides a variety of housing options for your first year through your college career. 


Your first year away from home is full of new experiences, growth and non-stop learning. A lot of it happens outside of the classroom. 


Get involved, make an impact, network and create life-long connections. Residence Life provides many ways to get involved in areas that are important to you.

YOU are the Experience:

The choices you make, create the experience you want. What will your Residence Life experience be? 

Mission and Principles

The Department of Residence Life supports students by providing a vibrant, healthy place to live and learn.

Seven principles have been put forward for future direction of the Department. The principles are as follows:

  1. Standards of Service-consistently deliver the highest possible level of quality in all Residence Life services and programs.
  2. Living Environment-maintain, improve, plan and develop our facilities in the way that meets the students’ basic needs.
  3. Learning Environment-foster individual growth and development, academic success, and a sense of community
  4. Quality and Diverse Staff-attract, reward, and retain quality staff to develop and enhance an organizational culture that values all individuals, promotes professional development, and maintains ethical standards.
  5. Responsible Financial Management-responsibly manage financial resources to achieve growth and address future planning.
  6. Building and Establishing Relationships-attract and retain students, develop and sustain successful partnerships that market and foster a positive reputation.
  7. Innovative Use of Technology-incorporate the innovative use of technology.

Letter from our Director

"The entire Department of Residence Life is committed to helping our students succeed. So many college memories and life-long friends are made in the residence halls. And we are here to make sure students have limitless opportunities to live the Residence Life Experience that they have always wanted." Rian Nostrum, Director of Residence Life

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