Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Residence Life created gender neutral bathrooms in our residence halls to provide a safe place for individuals of all genders to utilize.


HallGender Neutral Bathroom Location
BurgumLobby (near main desk) and basement
CaterFirst floor, near multi-purpose room
ChurchillFloors 1-3 and basement
DinanFloors 1-3 and lobby near main desk
Reed/Johnson   Lobby, floors 1-3, and basement
North Weible
South Weible
Floors 1-3 and basement
Floors 1-3, lobby and basement
Niskanen HallCommunity Center (2)
Niskanen HallMain building, hall office
PavekLobby (2)
SeimLobby (2)
StockbridgeFloors 1-3, next to main office












HallGender Neutral Bathroom/Shower Location
ChurchillTwo on each floor and basement
DinanOne on each floor
North Weible
South Weible
One on each floor
Two on each floor
Floors 1-3 
Floors 1-3



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