Which hall is the best?

There is no simple answer to this commonly asked question. All halls provide a unique living environment. Some students prefer halls closer to their classes, while others prefer halls connected to a specific dining center. Some want a bathroom shared with suitemates, while others want a hall with the newly renovated bathrooms that offer privatized stalls and showers. View all of our halls by taking a 360 tour. 

How are room selection/assignments made? Will I get my preferred hall?

Residence hall selection/assignments are based on your application date; the earlier you apply the more likely you are to get one of your top choices.

I applied late. Is there room for me?

Yes! If you are a first-year student, housing is guaranteed. If you aren’t, Residence Life still has options available for you. 

Where can I find more information about my residence hall?

Anything and everything you need to know prior to moving in can be found at Preparing to Move In web page. This page will guide you to hall amenities and features, room floor plans and measurements, bed/lofting/linen information, packing guidelines and more.

How are roommates paired?

There are four ways students can match up with a roommate: 1. Meet someone new and match up via My College Roomie,  2. Match up with someone you already know via My College Roomie, 3. Match up using our LGBTQ+ Roommate Matching program, or 4. Get a roommate assignment via Residence Life. Get details about roommate matching here

Can new students live with current students?

Yes, if living in a residence hall. Contact Residence Life staff for additional details.

What does Residence Life staff do to help roommates get along?

Learning to share a living space is a life skill we help our students develop. To lay a healthy groundwork, our staff facilitates the completion of a Roommate Success Plan. This agreement addresses common areas for potential future conflict such as the cleaning schedule, guest visitation and sharing belongings. This reduces common potential disagreements and gives each roommate an equal voice in determining the expectations in their room.

If my parents live within 35 miles of campus, can I cancel my contract after the first semester?

The residence hall contract is for the full academic year, so even if you are eligible to live at home, once you move in you are responsible for the full academic year.

What amenities are included in the halls?

Every residence hall has its own unique amenities and features, but all halls offer on-site mail, coinless laundry, cleaning supplies, free video streaming service, rec lounges, study lounges, community kitchen, wifi, hall office with games/videos/entertainment options and secure keyless card entrances. View the amenities of a specific hall. 

Where can I find information on my bed, loft options and linens?

Each residence hall has its own unique bed size and lofting option. NDSU also offers custom linens that will fit XL mattresses. Learn more about beds, linen and loft options.

How safe is living on campus?

Safety is a priority in Residence Life. NDSU residents (and their families) can feel at ease with 24-hour keycard secure entrances, entrance security cameras and university police access and coverage. All residence halls also have annual safety inspections by the safety office and fire inspector, plus monthly testing of all fire extinguishers.

Who staffs the halls?

Each residence hall has its own hall director (professional staff) and multiple resident assistants (student staff) per floor who support learning, facilitate community development and are dedicated to student security, safety and overall well-being.

What is the guest policy in the halls?

There is a 24-hour escort policy for all guests (regardless of gender). An overnight guest of the same gender is allowed, but only with approval of the roommate(s).

What are ways that students can get involved?

One way is through leadership roles in hall government, residence hall association (RHA) or the national residence hall honorary (NRHH). These groups, and the floor RAs, organize many events and activities that students can attend and participate in. Additionally, there are almost 300 student organizations, leadership development programs, study abroad options and service-learning opportunities at NDSU.

What does Residence Life do to ensure a safe living space for the LGBTQ+ community?

Residence Life is committed to providing a safe and inclusive living environment for all of our students — including those in the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. As part of this commitment, we have established an LGBTQ+  Roommate Matching service.

What is the difference between an NDSU Residence Hall and NDSU Apartment?

There are four major differences. Halls bill per semester; apartments bill monthly. Halls are only open during the academic year and close during semester and holiday breaks; apartments are open year round. Halls are fully furnished; apartments are not furnished. In halls, roommates can be chosen or Residence Life will assign them. In apartments, Residence Life is not involved with roommate selection or assignment.

Are there wait lists for apartments?

Due to high demand, our apartments almost always have waitlists. These are established by the date the application and application fee are received. Priority is not given based on university status/classification. Having a flexible move-in date, however, may help get you into your apartment sooner than others. 

When can I apply to live an an apartment?

You can apply to live in our apartments ANYTIME. You do not have to wait for residence hall sign-up. Apply today! Plus, the sooner you apply, the more likely you are to get the unit of your choice!

What is the length of the apartment contract?

A huge benefit of NDSU apartments is that contracts can be as short as four months or as long as you are a student. A 60-day notice to vacate is required.

Can I live with:

  1. My significant other? Yes, as long as you are both students or married.      
  2. My sibling? Yes, as long as you are both students.             
  3. A non-NDSU student? Only NDSU students can live in our apartments, unless they are a spouse or dependent.

Can I use financial aid to pay for my rent?

 Yes. Work with NDSU One Stop for details.

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