Hall Directors

Burgum Hall Director
Derisa Collymore
Phone: 701.231.3231
Email: Derisa.Collymore@ndsu.edu

Cater Hall Director
Emma Marshall
Phone: 701.231.3151
Email: Emma.Marshall@ndsu.edu

Churchill/Dinan Hall Director
Ryan Brinkman
Phone: 701.231.3236 
Email: Ryan.Brinkman@ndsu.edu

Mathew Living Learning Center Hall Director
Liz Reese
Phone: 701.231.3221 
Email: Elizabeth.A.Reese@ndsu.edu 

Pavek Hall Director
Hannah Konrad-Huttner
Phone: 701.231.3233
Email: hannah.huttner@ndsu.edu

Reed/Johnson and Weible Hall Director
Shiloh Susag
Phone: 701.231.3239
Email: Shiloh.Susag@ndsu.edu

Seim Hall Director
Logan Staton
Phone: 701.231.3235
Email: logan.staton@ndsu.edu

Sevrinson Hall Director
Joshua Schroetter
Phone: 701.231.3238
Email: Joshua.Schroetter@ndsu.edu

Stockbridge/Niskanen Hall Director
Giovanni Escalera
Phone: (701) 231-3234 | (701) 231-4390
Email: Giovanni.Escalera@ndsu.edu 

Thompson Hall Director
Amolia Schumacher
Phone: 701.231.3237
Email: amolia.schumacher@ndsu.edu

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