2020-2021 Residence Hall Rates

Traditional-Style, Low-Rise Residence HallsFallSpringTOTAL
Burgum, Dinan, Stockbridge, Reed/Johnson, Churchill, Weible  $2,255  $1,845$4,100
Burgum, Stockbridge, Reed/Johnson, Weible (Super Singles)$2,640$2,160$4,800
Suite-Style, High Rise Residence Halls
Pavek, Seim, Sevrinson, Thompson [Double Room]$2,406$1,969$4,375
Pavek, Seim, Sevrinson, Thompson [E/Designed Single Rooms]$2,530$2,070$4,600
Cater Hall   $2,516  $2,059$4,575
Apartment-Style Residence Halls
Niskanen Middle$2,365$1,935$4,300
Niskanen North and South$2,640$2,160$4,800
MLLC Four-Bedroom Unit$2,640$2,160$4,800
MLLC Studio$2,750$2,250$5,000

Add $300 per semester for double rooms used as singles (space permitting).

Residence Hall Dues

Students are required to pay non-refundable hall activity dues (maximum $100). These are annual dues that are assessed and used by residence hall government. This charge will be on the university bill at the beginning of the first semester living on campus. Dues are non-refundable once the semester begins

2020-2021 Dining Rates


Incoming first-year students, must select a five-day (Mon.-Fri.) or a seven-day (Mon.-Sun.) meal plan:
 - Five-Day Unlimited (M-F): $2,163/semester, plus 3 guest passes
 - Seven-Day Unlimited: $2,389/semester, plus 7 guest passes

The five-day plan is only recommended for students who plan to leave campus every weekend. The seven-day plan is only $13 more per weekend.

NEW next year (2020/21), upperclassmen students have even more meal plan options, plus the ability to use block plans in more locations. Visit NDSU Dining to learn more!

NDSU Apartments, Niskanen Hall, Mathew Living Learning Centers:
No meal plan requirements. Students may add an unlimited access plan or block plan.

All other residence halls:
Upperclassmen can select one of THREE options: five-day, seven-day, or a 170 block plan (per semester). All meals plans automatically renew for the spring semester for residence hall students required to have a meal plan.  

Five-Day Unlimited (M-F): $2,163/semester, 3 guest passes
Seven-Day Unlimited: $2,389/semester, 7 guest passes
170 Block Plan: $1,232.50/semester

2020-2021 Apartment Rates 

Apartment 1701 

Apartment Type   # of Units  Cost/Unit  Max Capacity  Cost/Person   Size
Studio5$590/month1 person$590/month425 sq ft        
One Bedroom37$760/month2 people$380/month625 sq ft
Two Bedroom44$1,030/month4 people$257.50/month915 sq ft

*Rent includes: Internet, heat, water/sewer/garbage, electricity, cable

Bison Court

Apartment Type  # of Units  Cost/Unit  Max Capacity  Cost/Person  Size
Studio29$545/month1 person$545/month276 sq ft        
One Bedroom57$700/month2 people$350/month483 sq ft
Two Bedroom17$930/month4 people$232.50/month735 sq f

*Rent includes: Internet, heat, water/sewer/garbage, electricity, cable

Niskanen Expansion

Apartment Type # of Units  Cost/Unit  Max Capacity  Cost/Person   Size
One Bedroom3$760/month2 people$380/month615 sq ft        
Two Bedroom134$1,030/month4 people$257.50/month972 sq ft
Three Bedroom45$1,221/month4 people$305.25/month1100 sq ft

*Rent includes: Internet, heat, water/sewer/garbage, electricity, cable

University Village

Apartment Type # of Units  Cost/Unit  Max Capacity  Cost/Person   Size
One Bedroom43$530/month2 people$265/month511 sq ft        
Two Bedroom136$610/month4 people$152.50/month662 sq ft
Three Bedroom1$780/month7 people**$390/month1100 sq ft

*Rent includes: Internet, heat, water/sewer/garbage
**The three-bedroom unit is reserved for families only; max capacity is 2 adults and 5 kids. 

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