NDSU Apartments

NDSU Apartments were designed with the modern student in mind. Besides the unbeatable convenience of on-campus living, NDSU Apartments offer:

  • Affordability: Our apartments continue to beat the prices of off-campus options, while still providing the amenities and features important to you. No matter your price point, we provide more for your money.
  • Student-Friendly Contracts: Planning on studying abroad? Applying for internships? Graduating in December? Our contracts can be as short as a semester, or as long as you need.
  • Security: The safety and security of our tenants is of top concern which is why we provide secure entrances, security cameras, campus police access and coverage, and onsite staff who are dedicated to your security, safety and overall well-being.

NDSU Apartment Options

NDSU Apartments offer a variety of styles, floor plans, and price-points, while providing all the benefits of on-campus living. 

Quotes from Campus

"I love living in University Village! After moving off campus my sophomore year, I realized how much I enjoy the ease of living in NDSU housing. While incredibly different than living in the dorms, it has proved to be another great experience of living on campus." Cate H., University Village

"I chose to live on campus because I fell in love with the Niskanen Apartments. The closet space alone is amazing! Living on campus also makes me feel safe. Plus, I don't have to wake up super early to make it to class and not having to clean off my car in the winter before class!" Jennifer A., Niskanen Apartments


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