Fall 2024 Move-in Experience

Saturday, August 24 | 8am - 1pm

Before You Arrive:
  • Carefully review the driving directions to your residence hall. Do not use GPS to get to your hall, as we direct traffic flow that day.
  • Place your “hall name sign” on your dash. (This will be sent in the mail in early August or can be printed from this page in late July)
  • Bring your NDSU ID Card if you have already received one.
When You Arrive:

Remember to arrive during your 30-minute arrival time slot.

  • Students: Once you arrive, proceed to your hall’s designated check-in location. This is typically the hall office, but posted signage will confirm and offer additional instructions.
    • Hall staff will provide you with your room key, student ID, parking permit, and check-in paperwork. Please bring your photo ID for this step!
  • Families: Once you arrive, fully unload all your student’s belongings, then designate one person to drive to your assigned parking lot. Parking permits are not required during move-in.
    • The Move-In Crew will assist you in unloading your car.
    • Do not leave your car unattended in the unloading area. 
Move In:
  • Room Condition Forms: Before you unpack, complete your Room Condition Form (RCF). On this green form you will report any damages you see in your room (and foyer/bathroom, if applicable). Your completed RCF will be used at checkout to compare the state of the room. Anything not marked at check-in may be billed to you as a damage.
    • Once completed, return to your hall office.
    • If you do not return your RCF by the end of the week, you will incur a $25 late fee.
  • Students may then move in their belongings.   
  • Break down cardboard boxes used during move-in and bring them to a designated recycling location. 
  • Burgum, Sevrinson and Thompson Residents: Want a loft? CSI Lofts will be outside of Thompson Hall from 8am - 3pm on Saturday and 10am-3pm on Sunday. Lofts rented on site will not be set up by CSI. Order by August 16 at 6pm to rent your loft and have it assembled in your room prior to moving in. 
  • Pro-tip: Before getting to campus, label your items with your hall and room number. This will help with any lost/misplaced items during move-in day.
Dine with Us:

Unwind, enjoy the AC, and grab a bite to eat! Dining centers, the food court and coffee shops are open! ndsu.edu/dining/hours 

  • This weekend only! Five-day meal plan holders will have unlimited access to the dining centers! After this weekend, five-day plans will return to Monday-Friday access.
  • Dining Centers have a discounted lunch rate of $10 on Saturday for all friends and families.
Important Reminders:
  • First-year and transfer students are required to move-in from 8am - 1pm on Saturday, August 24. If you are not able to, please contact Residence Life. Upperclassmen may check in during this time or any time after. New international students should follow the information regarding move-in as found on the New International Student Orientation webpage.
  • If you are arriving after August 29 please notify Residence Life so we do not cancel your room assignment.
  • All first-year students are required to live on campus.
  • All students who check in are making a commitment to live on campus for the full academic year. After moving in, cancellations may result in a financial penalty, even if your permanent address is within 35 miles of campus. Typically, the only students released without penalty are those who are leaving NDSU, graduating, or participating in an internship, co-op, or study abroad program.
Campus Activities: 

Unpack and get settled, then explore campus! Stay tuned for more information.

Welcome Week: 

Welcome Week activities begin at 3:30pm on Saturday, August 24 and attendance is required through Monday, August 26. Welcome Week activities are vital to a student's success by helping to develop connections and knowledge that contribute to a positive transition to NDSU. 

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