Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD) Program

Members of the Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD) Program are empowered to become servant leaders through creating connections, and learning about compassion and civic engagement.

Our past graduates had the following things to say about leadership, after successfully completing the program:

“Leadership is more than getting recognition for your authority. It is not about getting all of the credit. It is about helping individuals be the best they can be. It is equipping people with skills and encouragement to be as successful as possible.”

“Leadership is connecting with people that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.  It is about exemplifying a person of trust and someone they can come to if they need advice.  This lead program has helped me progress and accomplish proper leadership in my other activities.”   

Class Sessions:

• Introduction/Linus Blankets
• Compassion
• Connections
• Civic Engagement
• Service Project
• Servant Leadership

Contact us

Jen Kacere, Assistant Director for Leadership Development
Office: 110 West Bison Court
Phone: 701.231.7700
Email: Jennifer.Kacere@ndsu.edu

Join Us

You can nominate yourself, or be nominated for the program by Residence Life Staff. Apply by September 2024.

LEAD Nomination Form

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