Apartment Forms


Application Fee: Pay your $200 application fee. 

Pay Rent: Log in to Campus Connection to pay rent. Get step-by-step directions on how to pay rent on Campus Connection.

New Tenant Forms:

Application: Apply for an apartment here. 

Application Fee Payment: Pay your $200 application fee. 

Change of Apartment Application: If you have already submitted an app, but have changes to your initial preferences (change to location, occupancy date, roommates, or you want to cancel), complete this form. 

Electronic AICF: This document will be completed during check-in.

Appliance/Key Request:

Appliance Request: Use this form to request approval for an air conditioner or freezer.

Key Replacement: Lose your room and/or mail key? Use this form to order a new one.  

Current Apartment Tenant Transfer Requests:

Transfer Request: Use this form if you are a tenant wishing to relocate from one apartment to another. 

Change of Transfer Preferences: If you have already submitted a transfer request, but have changes to your initial request (location, occupancy date, roommates), do NOT complete another one. Instead, complete this form. 

Summer Storage Application: For residents in 1701 two-bedroom units, and Niskanen two- and three-bedroom units, this program allows tenants to check out of their apartment, leave everything they don’t need for the summer, and return in the fall. The storage fee is one month's rent split between all roommates. 


Roommate Request: Use this form if someone is moving in with you. 

Roommate Matching: My College Roomie (MCR) is an online platform that allows you to find the most compatible roommate for you! Complete the Roommate Matching Request Form  and within 3-5 business days you will receive an email to your ndsu email account that will invite you to the MCR program, provide directions, and offer links for help/support.

Vacating Forms:

Vacating Notice: Complete and submit this form 60 days prior to vacating your apartment. 

Change in Vacating Notice: Did you previously submit a vacating notice, but need to change the date? No problem! Complete this form!

Check-Out List for Apartments: This document can help you better understand everything you need to know regarding the checkout process.

License Agreement:

2023-2024 Apartment License Agreement: 2023-2024 General Conditions of License Agreement for University Apartments

2024 - 2025 Apartment License Agreement: 2024-2025 General Conditions of License Agreement for University Apartments (Effective June 1, 2024)

Apartment License Agreement Renewal: Current tenants can renew their license agreement for the 2024-2025 academic year here. 

Residence Life and Dining Handbook: One of NDSU's policy and procedures documents for residence hall and apartment students.

Reservation Form:

Niskanen Community Center Reservation Form


FERPA Release: This document authorizes NDSU to release rental record information. 

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