Roommate Matching

NDSU Residence Life does not automatically assign roommates to apartment tenants, as is done in the residence halls. Instead, we provide My College Roomie to help you determine your best fit!

My College Roomie is an online platform that allows you to find the most compatible roommate for you! Think of it like, but for a college roomie!

The process is simple. You login, create a profile, and complete a questionnaire. After that, you will be able to look at other profiles and see your percentage of compatibility. For example, maybe you will be 78% compatible with Jill, 83% compatible with Jane, and 96% compatible with Joy. At that point, you can send messages to any or all of your matches to connect further or to request someone as your roommate! 

How to Participate

Complete the Request Form below. Within 3-5 business days you will receive an email to your ndsu email account that will invite you to the My College Roomie program, provide directions, and offer links for help/support.

Please note the below link is for current NDSU students.

NDSU Apartments Roommate Matching Request Form 


Learn more about My College Roomie and get all your questions, answered! Visit the MCR Support Forum to review content or submit a support/help ticket.

MCR Support

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