Carlos Montoya

Landscape Designer Coleman & Associates Landscape Architecture Austin, Texas

Asking Me

How long have you been working as an architect? 

7 months as of Jan 27th


What geographic regions do you work in?

Austin, Texas. Central Texas Region 


In one or two sentences, what is the focus of your practice? 

I am a Landscape Designer, focused on Civic and Educational type projects.


How did your education at NDSU prepare you to be an architect? 

NDSU provided me with the basics of design required to propel me into the professional realm. While the professional design sphere operates heavily in code-based, budget-based, and client centric, the basis of design remain true. NDSU prepared me by cultivating strong technical skills and applied critical thinking skills. These are critical to the professional realm, and in conjunction with the overall design skills I gained while attending NDSU has tremendously helped me transition to the working field


What were some of the most valuable lessons you learned here? 

I learned how to independently find solutions and resources to problems.


What advice do you have for current architecture students? 

Allow yourself to dream big and enjoy the process while in school, push the boundaries of your imagination in the projects you produce. Learn the basics of all software programs associated with the design realm, regardless of your preference. Have a proficient grasp on how to produce construction documents and materials used in your profession. Lastly, join the workforce with an open mind, find an area of focus that interests you the most and become an expert on it, and let your technical skills make you stand out in the beginning.

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