Kristi Hanson

Architect, President | KHA Architects, Palm Desert, CA


Asking Me

How long have you been working as an architect?

32 years! I started my own company in 1995.


What geographic regions do you work in?

We do work in many areas now. California, Hawaii, Washington, Minnesota, Utah, Texas and Montana.


In one or two sentences, what is the focus of your practice?

We are a full-service architecture and interior design firm that specializes in residential design and boutique commercial projects. We are focused on providing our unique clients with designs that speak to their individuality and personalities! Our mission is simply stated as Personalized Design in the Pursuit of Perfection.


How did your education at NDSU prepare you to be an architect?

My architectural education at NDSU taught me how to think and how to solve problems. This is at its core what Architects do and it also gave me a strong foundation through incredible mentors who inspired me and instilled in me the belief that anything can be accomplished.

What were some of the most valuable lessons you learned here?

This is a hard one. Probably more than I can even recall! I learned how to study! I learned a lot about people being an RA. I learned that I made life-long friends at NDSU. I learned that I may not have been the most talented or smart person in the room, but I am incredibly determined, and I’ve evolved into a pretty good designer!


What advice do you have for current architecture students? 

While you are in school: take as many classes as you can, get involved in the campus community, be willing to step outside your comfort zone. When you graduate: ask questions when doing your internship, be okay with being afraid and unsure – it’s part of the process, ask for help and be a life-long learner.

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