Gabriela Baierle

Architect | Arrowstreet, Boston, MA


Asking Me

How long have you been working as an architect?

I’ve been working as an architect for 7 years.


What geographic regions do you work in?

I currently work in Massachusetts, but worked in North Dakota in the past.


In one or two sentences, what is the focus of your practice?

My focus in practice has been in academic projects, from pre-K to higher education. I am also the co-chair of the Emerging Professionals Network in Boston, which provides resources and networking opportunities to young designers, and serve as AIA Massachusetts Architect Licensing Advisor, assisting candidates on their path to licensure.


How did your education at NDSU prepare you to be an architect?

NDSU gave me the resources to become a diligent, valuable and well-rounded professional. I’ve also built relationships with mentors, peers and mentees through NDSU that have enriched my career in all aspects.

What were some of the most valuable lessons you learned here?

Hard work goes a long way:). Connecting with my professors at the time, over the things I was interested in exploring, led me to opportunities I wouldn’t have known were possible.  


What advice do you have for current architecture students? 

Don’t be afraid to explore the non-obvious sides of practice, and make sure to utilize every resource the Department offers, including its vast network of Alumni.

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