Tapestry Overview

The Tapestry of Inclusion, a program of the Student Activities Office, is a pictorial mosaic that recognizes students, faculty, staff, and alumni for the contributions to diversity they bring to North Dakota State University.  Formerly called The Tapestry of Diverse Talents, and beginning in 1993, individuals have been inducted into the Tapestry every year during a ceremony where they weave their piece of fabric into the Tapestry that hangs year-round in the Memorial Union. Inductees contribute to supporting and advocating for inclusion at NDSU on the basis of age, gender expression/identity, mental and physical ability, race, socioeconomic status, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and veteran status of the University community. The Tapestry program kindles the spirit of inclusion that is integral to the NDSU community.

The Tapestry recognizes NDSU students, faculty, staff, and alumni for their accomplishments regarding cultural pluralism. Therefore, nominees should be persons who:

  1. Demonstrate their commitment to supporting and advocating for diversity and multiculturalism wherein their impact and level of influence is felt locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally;
  2. Show a consistent pattern of going above and beyond professional motivation (i.e. NDSU position) or the requirements of a course of study by taking the personal initiative to create an inclusive and welcoming environment; and
  3. Promote, facilitate, and advocate for people from at least one of the following categories: age, color, gender expression/identity, mental and physical ability, socioeconomic status, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and veteran status.

View the past Inductees to the Tapestry of Inclusion

2023 Inductees

Lisa Arnold
Shashi Bhushan
Seinquis Leinen
Siavash Mansouri


Nomination Process

Each year, nominations are solicited for individuals deserving of induction into the Tapestry of Inclusion. To nominate someone, complete the nomination form and identify two other individuals to complete the nomination forms, as well. One nomination MUST come from a current NDSU student. Three nominations are required for the application to be considered complete. Nomination documents as well as more detailed information regarding the Tapestry of Inclusion will be provided each year in a link on this page.  Please pay close attention to the nomination criteria and requirements. 


2024 Application Link

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